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“Ecologically sustainable tourism that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation”

Horizons operates resorts in some of the world’s most ecologically diverse environments, which are also some of the most ecologically fragile environments. We take this responsibility very seriously. To that end one of the primary goals of our resorts and their services is to not only to reduce our ecological impact but also to be a beneficial force in our environment. How will we accomplish this?

Thru a series of initiatives, Horizons will strive to not only have each property have the smallest environmental impact as possible, but to also help maintain and protect the environments where we operate.

Some of these initiatives are simply common sense as well as good business practices.

Energy: Employing the latest technology to help lower energy consumption i.e. self monitoring rooms and other areas controlling lighting, heating , A/C and other electric usage. Also extensive use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and biomass power generation.

Education: Teach our staff to help them recognize wasteful practices and bring them to managements attention.

Local Sourcing: Purchasing of supplies locally to reduce our carbon footprint, and bolster local economy by setting guidelines for suppliers to be environmentally proactive in order to be able to sell to our resort.

Environmentally Friendly: The use of environmentally neutral products for cleaning, maintenance and personal hygiene. Concentration on recycling and reduction of consumables i.e. replacement of paper consumables (napkins, cups, plates) with reusable options.

Water Management: Use of “grey water” for irrigation and cleaning. Low-Flo toilets, sinks and other saving systems. Use of landscaping which has low water requirements.

Tourism Services: Incorporate Eco information into tours and activities to educate our guest about the environment as they enjoy it. Make available to our guests free Eco-friendly modes of transport as an alternative to buses or taxies.