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Horizons Holdings International Corp. operates as a holding, development and investment company. The Company takes this holding company model and fully embraces it. The company’s core purpose is to acquire and hold operating companies that operate in the Solar energy market. The company is structured into four virtual “columns” to create a unique platform for providing products and services. This structure will facilitate a fully integrated group of companies in the solar market space that together fulfill the mission statement “Powering the future with solar energy with innovative technology and customer service.”

The company considers all facets of investment analysis including cash flow, income tax consequences, capital appreciation opportunity, market trends, and many other factors. We look to maintain an inventory of exceptional investment opportunities from core (low risk) to opportunistic (high risk) properties located within the places we operate.

The Company believes that the mid-tier market space is often overlooked by many companies and investors, resulting in less competition for projects. However, the Company will not be limited to only investing in these opportunities.


Horizons Holdings International’s unique mission as an international holding company is to selectively purchase or acquire ownership of leading core operations in select regions. We serve to provide quality experiences for our customers and solid returned for our investors. Initial focus for our portfolio is mid-sized markets with solid growth potential.



Our objective is to be a profitable leader in the markets we invest in. We will serve our customers' needs and will consistently produce and manage developments of amazing value. We recognize the need to be flexible, entrepreneurial, and aggressive, both as team members and as a company. We believe in teamwork, innovation, professionalism, and long-term decision-making. We endeavor to preserve and enhance our reputation for integrity through all our actions.



Our core values can be defined as follows: